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Having a strong online presence calls for a strong communication system, and an organised web portal can help with that. UK Web Designs has a team of professional web portal developers proficient at developing B2B, B2B, community, partner, vendor, and learning portals that drive success.

Professional Web Design Portal Services for Businesses

At UK Web Designs, we develop robust web portals for workflow enhancement, business process automation, functional extensions, and integration with legacy systems. We also integrate web portals with cross-functional applications to achieve a wide range of business objectives. Our company has transformed web portal ideas into scalable, high-performing web portals using our exceptional web portal design and development capabilities. Experienced web portal developers at UK Web Designs will take responsibility for custom web portal development to create a web portal specific for your unique business needs. We guarantee the creation of a useful, convenient, efficient, and high-tech solution to increase the target audience’s level of trust.

Why Choose Us for Web Portal Development

Our web portal developers utilise cutting-edge tools and techniques to develop web portals from scratch. Working with us, you get more than just a digital solution; you get a competitive product to take your business online.

Professional Developers

Our portal developers are continually elevating their expertise by researching modern technologies. The professionalism of our developers is reflected in the quality of their work. Instead of providing businesses with stereotypical solutions, our clients receive customised solutions.

Fast Turnaround

We pick the most appropriate set of tools and technologies at the initial stages of the project to prevent any issues or delays later. This makes us efficient and allows us to launch the portal as soon as possible. We are committed to meeting the deadlines for your project, and avoiding any delays in the development and testing process.

Reasonable Costs

We have kept our pricing affordable, compared to much of our competition. Despite our affordable pricing, we are keen on providing the highest quality of service to our clients. We deliver top-notch web portal development solutions at reasonable costs, without any hidden charges.

Transparent Collaboration

We utilise time trackers to precisely record how much time it takes for our specialists to work. This allows us to maintain our pace of work and the affordable price point, even for the more complex projects that require a lot of effort and time. Moreover, progress reports are made available to clients periodically throughout the project.

Types of Web Portal

As a renowned web portal development company, UK Web Designs can develop a custom web portal that supports your specific business needs or helps you engage with your audience, be it your partners, employees, or customers.

B2B Portal

B2B portal development involves the process of designing and developing an online marketplace for B2B businesses to share their goods. These portals help in managing resources and handling the supply of goods. In B2B web portals, we aggregate functionality to organize the specific processes of buying, selling, trading, and marketing between businesses.

  • B2B e-commerce portal (B2B trading portal)
  • B2B vendor portal
  • B2B customer portal

B2C Portal

Business-to-Consumer (B2C) portals aid businesses in selling their products and services to consumers. With over a decade of experience, UK Web Designs is a full-service B2C web portal development company that offers resources and services such as e-commerce, communication, information sharing, and forums that help businesses and consumers interact with each other.

  • Travel portals
  • Job portals
  • Auction and bidding portals

Partner Portal

Partner portals are a business tool that sells through indirect sales channels to manage relationships with partners and encourage them to sell more. UK Web Designs offers custom partner portal development, which offer comprehensive functionality with the integration of configurators, calculators, inventory management, order status checking, advanced analytics, and much more.

  • IT Business
  • Online Trading System
  • Data Exchange

Vendor Portal

Our custom vendor portal development service includes the development of a web-based platform that integrates functionality for vendor management and bidding. The portal organises all supplier-related data and enables rich functionality for buyers to effectively communicate with vendors.

  • Vendor portals for manufacturers
  • Vendor portals for non-manufacturers (banks, educational institutions, government organisations)
  • Vendor portals for Group Purchasing Organisations (GPO)

Community Portal

Community portals help in connecting people with similar interests, promote collaborative relationships, and exchange ideas and experiences. At UK Web Designs, we offer custom community portal development solutions to build structured community portals with easy-to-use interfaces and increased functionality, including forums, chats, blogs, events, and more.

  • Healthcare Community
  • Education Community
  • Banking Community

Learning Portal

An e-learning portal consists of features that simplify the teaching and the learning process. It is a gateway that provides users with learning materials such as documents, assessments, presentations, videos, interactive training materials, and much more. UK Web Designs creates professional learning portals for training providers and learners. The platform also offers discussion forums, calendars, reminders, and email messaging services.

  • Communication and social learning
  • Learning content management
  • Community interaction
Industries That We Have Worked With

UK Web Designs has made its presence known throughout every industry and delivered work to 2000+ customers. However, below are some of the industries we truly enjoyed working with.




Food & drink




Photo & video






Health & fitness











How We Develop Custom Web Portals

Check out the step-by-step process below to get an insight into how we develop web portals.

Requirement Gathering

We translate clients’ project ideas into a tech-specific list of necessities. This helps our team create optimal strategies and reduce extra costs.

Our team of frontend and backend developers employ the best practices to build scalable web portals for clients.



We will conduct rigorous testing to ensure that the client’s expectations are met. Automated tests are run to maintain the quality.

After the completion of the testing cycles, we create detailed deployment plans, fix all the technical issues, and launch the portal.


We Create Portals that Enhance Workflow

Get your business operations streamlined with a custom web portal.

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We have helped countless companies grow their businesses, and our clients simply love our work. Give a glimpse to what some of them say about us:

Taylor Jacob

I would like to thank UK Web Designs for designing a remarkable website that helped my business thrive in the digital space. The design was attractive, and so was the customer support.

Martin Steven

I needed help with the website’s development and SEO, and a friend of mine referred me to UK Web Designs. I must say that the crew outdid itself! They did their job well, and the website achieved great results organically. Thank you, guys!

Chloe Rodriguez

We hired them to develop an E-commerce store for our business. They were prompt with the delivery and put an emphasis on the quality. I enjoyed working with them, and they produced a quality product. A great company to work with.

Rajeev Kumar

I approached them for an educational web portal development, and the results surpassed my expectations. The portal promoted interaction between the institute and the students. Timely execution and great customer service.

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